A picture i found on my old laptop :)
It's from few months ago, after meeting at Plaza Indonesia.
Me, Heidy, Diana and Intan.


baby sitting.

( top - BAM! / jeans - flea market / wedges - UP / hat - capital / sunglasses - lil shop at Sg )

A day at Edu's. A super lazy day we spent together.



Dirgahayu Indonesiaku.

From around the house.

1. Wearing ONLYi's Kartini Limited Edition tees / Jogja cap / unbranded blazer.
2. Through the apartment balcony :)
3. On the door, it's a souvenir from my friend's wedding.
4. My dress in tenun.
5. Batik cap.
6. Application to listen to Indonesian anthem song.
7. One of my wall's creature, Bagong.
8. Bought it from Jogja. Lonceng kuningan.


my pictures of you.

one afternoon. high volume of music sound. empty mind.

Pictures of me and Bill my puppy doll at the apartment. I got the amazing hat from Edu, Oliver and Vien for my 28th birthday present. They bought it from easy.com, from a vintage shop they've never wanna told me, pfft. I really really love the color of the fur combination, and it also came with a lovely rounded packaging. Thanks so much to my friends, it shows how deep you love me guys hahahaha... Btw, the plastic dolls behind me and Bill is from my last exhibition. And the skull terrarium is Imunk's, for his Tarantula pet, hmmm it doesn't look like pet hihihi. 

( plastic dolls artwork - DiamondHurts / t-shirt - The Cure Merchandise / hat - present from edu, oliver, vien / bracelet - f21, BAM! / necklace - ONLYi )


Darling Anna...

Rest In Peace..., Beloved Darling Grandmother Anna Piaggi.
My icon. My inspiration. You light up the fashion world through you style.
When i see you, i see rainbow, balloons at delightful flower garden. I see so much love.
You are my biggest reason to prove that there are so many different perception of
being glamorous. And it's you when i first think about 'eccentric'.

Sayonara Anna, you are my poison palette.
Have a nice trip at the CMYK world :)



mixed-up flavor.

Pictures from last month.
Went to check on my Plastic Dolls Exhibition at Plaza Indonesia and i met Putri,
Bethanny Putri from The Afternoon Tea & Living Room.
Nothing special that day, but i'm just so happy to see some people whom passes thru
the exhibition took photo of the lil plastic dolls paradise of mine :) Enjoy the pics :)



( all shoes : UP collections )

This UP wedges are from my friend Diana Rikasari. I met her first time when i attended a meeting
with the owner of Wondershoe. Since then, we're friends till today, and we usually see each other
at some event like Blogger Yard Sale. We shared a lot of things when we chat. And Diana is a really
great listener and very open minded yet amazingly creative. What i know about her, she never stop
learning and she has a positive way of thinking, and it's really hard thing to do for me hahahahha...
Btw, she's the only person whom interested with my artworks on BYS long time ago, hmmm...
Anyways :), Enjoy the picture friends...

And here is UP's Anthem called "Morning Juice".
Download here :D
Diana wrote the point of the song lyrics. So, Imunk and i work on the song and explore the lyrics.
I have 3 un-published version i kept for Diana, hehehe :D, so just keep up-date on UP's website :)
It's been a fun week working on this UP's anthem with Imunk hihi.. 

   KEEP UP   

Fyi, this is the newest pair of UP, Limited Edition TREE hi - Galaxy wihiiii...
Thanks again so muchhoo Di :*

  i wear up.  


through the mirror.

( DIY hareem pants, OBEY totebag, f21 leopard shoes, Timbeelo ring, BAM bracelets & necklace, vintage look alike luggage )

sudden dinner.

I was wearing tank top from my friend Cindy Karmoko from the Hippie Gone Mad.
Also the vintage scarf and a black dream catcher :) Thanks Cindy :*

These photos i took yesterday after dinner with Imunk :).
Fyi, about the colorful bracelets, it's BAM! The Bff Series.
BAM! Blog coming really soon...
I need to take a better picture of each collections.




random thoughts.

photo source from everywhere...