World is for all of us.

 Feeling not so good today, the weather is too hot here. Last week, i had lots of activity, i didn't really eat that well and spent most of my time busy on my pre-production work. Thank God, everything are nicely done, clients are satisfied and i can take a rest at home :) I am writing this blogpost on the couch, Silver is down the carpets watching youtube. Believe it or not, he gave me a great massage with his baby oil, what a lovely son, i am a lucky mother :))

So, last week i went to an expo called Indo Pet expo, far far away from our home. My husband need to go there for his Tarantula community things. So when we get there, me and Silver were so excited strolling around the expo and i think Silver is quiet surprised to see so many different kind of animals.

Silver baby were grow around the animals, Bill always there beside him, also his father's tarantulas. When we moved to Gunung Putri, where we live now, he saw more animals like chickens, birds, fish, ducks, swans, lizards, dragon flies, butterflies and many more. Especially when we adopted Ted, Pru, John and when Saroo was born, Saroo is became Silver's first pet.

Every morning Silver need to feed his cockatoo bird. He took this sweet corn from the fridge and directly run to Thoa's cage, this cocakatoo bird named Thoa. Here at Gunung Putri is totally different with the apartment's society. We hear bird singing every single day, we saw many type of lizards, caterpillar and many more interesting creature. This is also one of the reason why i didn't want to rush my time to ask Silver to an early school like play group. I think, he got more things here at his house than at the play group. Silver's heart is soft, he love animals and treat them the same.

One day, he saw this papaya tree with lots of fruits, usually we took it for the dogs, because it's not sweet enough for me but the dogs loves it. This papaya on the tree were already eaten by the bats, at night. Silver asked me, why is the papaya already eaten, why the bats didn't ask first? Me and husband were smiling and tried to explain to him about it.

Many things happens here around our home. Silver know how to deal with his 5 dogs, Silver know how to prepare their meals, better than me. One day, when his father were out of town, i take over the job to feed the dogs, believe it or not, Silver taught me to prepare their meals, like how many cups for Ted and for Bill hehehehe... At home, Silver got so many experiences, from his father's daily routines, and from mine.

I truly believe, first thing a human being need to learn, is from his surrounding, from his mother and father. Building his character to have a good heart, is not an easy job. As parents, we can't pretend, we can't fake it, first, we need to be one. And that, we learn from the animals. How you treat your animals, is how you treat others :)


Photo by my baby brother Tata.


Living a life.

I heard something on tv about an actress talked about her college final assignment. I remember it was 11 years ago, my graduation. The day i had my final exam present, my God, it was such a terrifying day ever! And plus plus, it was my birth day. How can i forget, April 3rd, 2006.

But.., i think that was also the last day i felt so tiny in front people, my lecturers, and that will be the moment where i gain my 1st level to earn my hardwork to be out there at the real life. Battle of life :_D

One thing i'm quiet  positive about myself is, i never have this goosebumps moment, stress, panicking, crazy nervous, as myself on my final exam presentation. Since that moment, i relieved. I also 90% confident about doing anything for work, both... for personal work and money work. I mostly know what im doing ;). The other 10% left mostly caused by mood, deadline, schedule timeline and un-handleable clients, hehe, what else :D

So, one day, without telling Silver, i think he will take good things about me, and keep all those bad as myself, her mother :). I will show him that it is great to be a person with millions visions and never stop making them come true, no matter how slow the process is. Every single progress, build our heart, stronger and rich in our experiences.

School is important. Very.
But always, first place a person grow up and learn is always from the love and the pain of the family. So i won't, i will never let him know, every bad things i've done in my life, i just let him be with his own mind, own thoughts, own world about anything, and i will always be here watch him.

For now, let me take care of this little gentleman :)

Photo by Tata HW



I don't know how many cup of coffee i have finished while talking to him, and not even a cup he ever even wanted to try. Talk about what's for lunch 'til we talk about our projects, everything, with Silver running around us, drop this and that, forcing me and my husband play with him allllll timmeeeeee. Silver is getting stronger, his mind is started to show some characteristic. He need more attention than all of my project with my husband. So, whenever we have time, we have to make it work, anytime anywhere.

Here is our coming soon project.  After quiet long time, we finally have a chance to continue our pending project from months ago. We change our name few times, as this is not just my project with my husband, but also with one of our friend. Our target is mid of September, everything need to be done. I really have no story yet to write about this project, but this is called, 'Sisa', all about living and antiks. So happy finally can make one of my list checked :)


Thinking about our very first concept for Sisa volume1.
Do you have any idea Saroo? :)

Me and husband can have our brainstorming moment, anywhere around the house. That's not really a problem anymore, even though Silver does ruin each of our talks, most time. Problem is, we always have different sight in visualizing our imagination into sentences. When Silver is on my husband's arm or climbing my back almost drop my coffee, we still need to balance our mood and focus to the topic, but happy too, you know... so Silver will always feel we are there with him too, even though sometime our mind is somewhere thinking of our work.

And..., we always need a piece of paper to sharpen our final decision. Sometime it works, but many times also end up nothing. But must important thing is, we do talk to each other, no matter what the topic is.

I love you :*