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Kemana, April?

April is always been my favorite month of all. Early April, on 3rd, was my birthday. I am now 32 years old and 1 month, as today is May 3rd :) If i can express my feelings about my birthday last month, nothing really special except my new age. As usual, my 'not romantic' husband prepare nothing for me, but at least he did remember that was my birthday, and i think i couldn't ask more :'), sad but that's him... I am kind of person who loves pretty surprises, gifts, little presents, i even love to keep all the birthday cards from my family and friends, every little thing some people will never care about, i like...

Surprisingly, this April also gave me lots of things to do. I got my decor work went smooth and nicely done this month, and more work will come this month, next month and til the end of this year. So, i take them all as my birthday present :), plus... i realized that in my 32nd birthday i have my beautiful son Silver beside me and giving me his everyday smile, love and laughs...

Still..., a little part of my heart wanting a little present from my husband :(. I am just a normal Arian who wants a little attention from the love of my life... And April 13, if me and him were still a couple of lovebirds (not married yet), we will be celebrating our 11th Anniversary :). I dated him since i was 21 years old... Oh well, i never want to force him to change to be 'a little romantic husband to me', i just want him to be himself..., and do whatever his heart told him too...

'Where is April', is really a perfect tittle for my blog post. Too many activities, work, house work, be a full time mother, slowly brings the Sweet April away... Promise myself to buy something when my job's done this month. I need to treat myself with chocolates, flowers and a pair of shoes, maybe? :)

Chocolates, i'm a big fan of this sweet creature. Whenever, wherever i go, a pack of chocolate always be in my bag. I probably will buy a unique chocolate shape and flavor to bring my April mood back :) I don't wanna loose you, yet, April....

Flowers, i need to spare 1 whole day to go to the flower market in the city. My plan is to get my favorite pink Lily and this giant orange Roses i saw there few months ago. Going to order by phone first for that gorgeous orange roses :)

Last one is a pair of shoes. I am now not anymore a shoe predator. Since i have my baby around, i have no time to take care of my stuff, especially clothes, accessory and shoes (i sell some of them at @retiredstylist). The point is, i cannot afford more shoe cabin or more wardrobe. All the room in the house will be full of my stuff only if i don't let some of them go. I need to make a playroom and study room for my son, also my working space for my decor work @torobian. Ouh yeahh, life's change :') beautifully and amazingly weird... I can't believe i am now looking for a pair of nice shoes where i can wear it anywhere, anytime with any clothes and it's comfortable and in great quality. It doesn't really sound like me 3 years ago hahaahahaha.... But seriously, that's what i need right now :)

I wish i can type all inside my mind in this post. How my life's changes, my priorities changes, even my routines changes too. Become a mother change my life, it's super exhausting, but also super exciting in the same time. Almost everything has change, but my heart, my soul, is always been that one in rainbow palette. Now i know, that my life is just begin... :)

Happy Birthday to me...



Sabtu Sore...

i have nothing in my mind. Had lunch nearby the neighborhood, little grocery for the dogs and had a nice dinner at home. Cooked some fried prawn with mayo today :). But, Silver didn't have time to taste his dinner, he went to bed earlier because he didn't have his nap nap time today. Sweet dreams, my love :*

me and my family went to the city. Meet some of my nephew, cinema date and swim together :), they're on their holiday already, so we plan to meet again on Monday. Silver was too excited everytime he meet his cousins, they had this 'never ending running around the house' thing every time.

we will stay at home. I asked my husband to have breakfast at our favorite Nasi Uduk place, and i need him to wake me up early this morning :) Will finish some of my work too, preparing my Monday meeting and i hope everything will goes smooth ;)