31 y/o.

I have never imagined, i will have a photograph of my 31st Birthday holding my son. I woke up early at April 3rd, 2015. My bedroom was so cold. Silver still asleep. Watching him sleep for few minutes. His mouth a little bit opened, his warm fingers were in my shoulder, he smells like a bubble gum. I am waiting for my first birthday present (my everyday's present), his smile when he wake up...

I thank God for letting me to be a mother for Silver. I thank God everyday.

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MISS MARC - Silence and Faith / 2015.

It's been so longggggg since my last post. Being a mother is..., "superb'. It's tough. Especially because i've decided to take care of my baby boy by myself (and husband). And one more tough thing is, i have to manage my time to work too. I seriously don't know how to describe how it feels to be a full time mother and now is about to start the business on again, hehehehe... It's complicated and super happy :) I love being Silver's mother. He has a beautiful angel smile on his cheek, and i always remember it inside my heart. It's like..., a true love... And today he turn 9 months :)

At this happy day, i finally want to share it first on my blog. I have some projects to launch this year. One of them is this new project with my high school friends. Together with Myrsha, Ajeng and Rahma, i collaborated myself. It's a cloth brand called Miss Marc. 3 of my friends and i have been working for few months preparing our project. Miss Marc is actually the reflexion of a dozen of blossom chic leaf, 2 tbs of freedom and a full cup of love. And three of us pour it into a simply piece of cloth, and sew it onto beautiful fabrics. Everything is ready to be published! Here they are :) Hope you all like it, and kindly follow Miss Marc @missmarc.id and soon will be at www.missmarc.blogspot.com

first edition

Silence and Faith