dream boy.

Have you ever had a dreams..., where it was so beautiful, but they're also a little bit crazy, like... you can't even put it into a sentence?

Have you ever had a dreams, where you're the champion and when you got up the stage..., and someone wake you up?

Have you ever had a dreams, where you want to scream but when you do it... there were no sound?

I took a picture of my son, yesterday before dawn. He made my sunset taste like a lemon pie.
I love you boy.



Casual Day.

Nothing as casual as my Monday. Destination today is to wholesale market buy snacks, candies, drinks and all birthday stuffs, it's Silver's birthday next month :). I never even thought about this. I am sure like the feeling of what happen to me right now, the feeling where i'm so excited being a mother of an almost 1 year old baby boy. Silver oh Silver..., i love you like crazyyy :*. Our Monday outfits will be following what Silver wore, hahahahahaha simple things we do... Oh huh,  what it Bill doing on the picture :D



Friday night confession.

Just got home 30 mins ago. Holding my baby Silver sleep in my arms. Now he's beside me in bed, sleep so tight... I change his clothes and diapers slowly, wipe his hand, face and kiss him goodnight so many times. I'm writing this blogpost thru my smart phone. I suddenly felt sad, seeing his tired face... I just don't like evening work meeting since i got Silver. But sometimes i just have to, and it means i have to bring him along with me...

He really close to me, beside i'm still breastfeed him, he never missed an hour without me... I'm sorry my son..., you must be really tired today... i promise you a full playday tomorrow at home okay :)

It's now 30 mins to midnight. I'm holding his tiny hand... i never thought i will be a mother... a mother of this beautiful healthy lovable baby... Thank you God, thanks for this moment in my life, where i can hear my husband snoores and see my baby smile in his sleep.