MISS MARC - Silence and Faith / 2015.

It's been so longggggg since my last post. Being a mother is..., "superb'. It's tough. Especially because i've decided to take care of my baby boy by myself (and husband). And one more tough thing is, i have to manage my time to work too. I seriously don't know how to describe how it feels to be a full time mother and now is about to start the business on again, hehehehe... It's complicated and super happy :) I love being Silver's mother. He has a beautiful angel smile on his cheek, and i always remember it inside my heart. It's like..., a true love... And today he turn 9 months :)

At this happy day, i finally want to share it first on my blog. I have some projects to launch this year. One of them is this new project with my high school friends. Together with Myrsha, Ajeng and Rahma, i collaborated myself. It's a cloth brand called Miss Marc. 3 of my friends and i have been working for few months preparing our project. Miss Marc is actually the reflexion of a dozen of blossom chic leaf, 2 tbs of freedom and a full cup of love. And three of us pour it into a simply piece of cloth, and sew it onto beautiful fabrics. Everything is ready to be published! Here they are :) Hope you all like it, and kindly follow Miss Marc @missmarc.id and soon will be at www.missmarc.blogspot.com

first edition

Silence and Faith



2pm, Silver is sleeping. I can't describe how busy i am everyday since the apartment got new member, Silver. There will be no day without morning clean up day, and there will be no day without his morning smile :). My life is more colorful, more meaningful and each day feel faster. I don't know how to describe every detail i feel, i spent most of my day beside him.

It's been 3 and half months i took care of him. Last week i left him alone with his father, just the three of them, my beloved husband, son and bill. Though we have no helper or baby sitter, life must go on, works need to be done :). Big difference is, i mostly do all of my work with my husband, but now i'd rather go with my assistant and let Imunk take care of Silver, and so Imunk when he got work to do. We learn so many thing since he was born. It's like... hmmm..., 'life is just begin...' my friend...

I love this chapter of life. I'm 30 y/o, married to a man i really love, got a gorgeous son, 2 y/o black pug, and live happily in a small apartment in the middle of the city.

Oh btw..., Imunk is out to post office and bank, the baby monitor is right here beside my left hand. While waiting for Imunk to come back, i prepare his lunch (a very late lunch...). I just cook our daily menu, spinach soup, salted fish, fried soybean cake, egg with chili sauce and served with white rice. I mostly made him a sweet cold drink and homemade desserts today is pure cassava with salty coconut sauce. I made desserts like choco melt cake, pumpkin pure with almond, pudding or jelly, and many more. I made for 6 portion and put them nicely inside the refrigerator. If i don't have, i always have our favorite ice cream on the fridge :). All member of this apartment luoooveeeee desserts :)

See you on the next post :* Ciaooo!