Sabtu Sore...

i have nothing in my mind. Had lunch nearby the neighborhood, little grocery for the dogs and had a nice dinner at home. Cooked some fried prawn with mayo today :). But, Silver didn't have time to taste his dinner, he went to bed earlier because he didn't have his nap nap time today. Sweet dreams, my love :*

me and my family went to the city. Meet some of my nephew, cinema date and swim together :), they're on their holiday already, so we plan to meet again on Monday. Silver was too excited everytime he meet his cousins, they had this 'never ending running around the house' thing every time.

we will stay at home. I asked my husband to have breakfast at our favorite Nasi Uduk place, and i need him to wake me up early this morning :) Will finish some of my work too, preparing my Monday meeting and i hope everything will goes smooth ;)



Sedalam itukah keyakinanmu untuk tidak meneteskan warna dalam hidupmu...

All rainbow and psychedelic sky/images are from Pinterest.


New Family Member, Ted & Pru.

 (Left: Prudence, Right: Theodore)

Welcoming new member of the family, Ted (Theodore) adopted 2 months ago, and Pru (Prudence) adopted a week ago. The name was given by me, so they will forget their old memories and start a new chapter of life with us here. Adopted them because their ex-mother doesn't have time to take care of them anymore. They are so adorable, i've never had a big dog before in my life, but this is really a beautiful experience to have them in the family. Is it me who's lucky to have them, or is it them that is so lucky have me and my family? :) I guess we both are lucky to have each other.

I hope they will enjoy my house, my garden, live wild and free here at Silver's Wood. But still, my house my rule :), since Prudence's here, so i'm officially not the only Queen, Pru is so Princess, i don't mind share my love and my boys to her :)

Me, Silver and Ted.
Photo by my husband.