Writing again...

December 2017 was my last post, til today... i sit down outside the balcony, raining..., and just randomly open my blog. Today, i have nothing on my mind... My work are done, Silver's school stuff are also done, and the house is almost clean after few days non stop cleaning every single corner. I haven't write any about Silver school haven't i?  Last post was about Mother's Day, and after that i'm extremely busy doing the daily routines and Silver's activities at school.

This year almost end... I couldn't say this year is my year..., it's Silver's. My work wasn't goes as smooth as i expected. I work so hard and keep everything run well with Silver's activities at school. I learn a lot, learn about how life's change so much in a year. I learn to let go, i learn to be stronger than ever, i learn to keep everything balance. I sometime gave up, i wanted to write here, share lots of photos, but.. honestly, i most time couldn't find not just the right time, but the right mood to write a new post.

I fight my mind a lot, keep my head straight, bring my heart stable, and i realized... the busiest time of my life is when i become a mother. I do enjoy. I'm super happy become his mother. But i also need to separate my mind, even my body parts. All my creative mind feels numb, i just haven't found the right ingredients to keep everything run as great as i did before.

Til i tidy everything up, one by one..., i keep my energy alive... For Silver, for the place i live, for all my passion. Where else i can get my energy back from? Just from what i already have, and here i am today..., writing again, start everything from zero.

Silver just finished his mid term assessment last week. He will have his grand assembly performance this week before his long year end holiday. I still can believe it... He grow so fast, too fast... He talk to me like a grown up, no more baby..., and yes i am so proud to be his mother.

I want to write again, here... I hope i'll see you again soon :)
Here are Silver's photos on his 2nd day at school, July 2018.

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