trapped in sixties

i am very excited doing this job, but no comment for the artist ok.
the director ( Rio, Ninelives ) want me to create a wardrobe that is match to the set, which is in my opinion it is gonna be fifties to sixties look... i love it!!
the main talent is still young, i have to create 2 different look for her, mature and teen look...
it's easssyyy...! not a problem! :)

for the bad boy talent, i have to create a nasty look hahaha..., i was imagine Johnny Deep in 21 Jump Street, remember the jeans vest that he wear (http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj135/ArtDomino_6/February%204/21jumpstreet_04.jpg) i got that stuff a day before shooting day, BUT.. too bad that vest is too big for the talent, so i go to my plan B, another Johnny Deep with the HAIR and black LEATHER jacket... (http://www.freewebs.com/allaboutjohnny/johnny%20baby.jpg)

for the female extras, i choose a simple pattern on the dress, so the teen's ambience will come up.
for the bands, i prefer pastel colors top with a simple touch like catchy hat, wool vest and sweater on shoulder...
actually there were so many kind of characters, but i couldn't use my camera flash light on shooting location, so i couldn't get the detail of each character, sorry...
c ya!

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