the kills.

One of my fav band..., u guys should listen to this band...
reminds me of my old band bonverbot, d'ohhh hahahhaha...

there are so many things from my past that i wanna share with u guys,
not just my pictures haha, but also many great music that used to fulfill my life...

so guys, u can download the kills music thru this mediafire url...
hope u like it, u can also search some of their live performance in youtube... ok!

Track List

01 U.R.A. Fever
02 Cheap And Cheerful
03 Tape Song
04 Getting Down
05 Last Day Of Magic
06 Hook And Line
07 Black Balloon
08 M.E.X.I.C.O.
09 Sour Cherry
10 Alphabet Pony
11 What New York Used To Be
12 Goodnight Bad Morning

Year : 2008
Label : 
Dim Mak Records / Domino Records
Genre : Indie Rock, Garage Rock
, Electronic Rock

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