Happy V-Day!

the sky so bright... :)

me n imunk went out to pick up "Only Eye", it's "Only i" sunglasses...

in the afternoon,
look for a place for dinner, but all places seems full booked... :(

i've chosen "Rosa Le Bon" - floral blazer from "Only i", for this lovely V-Day...

so..., at night,
me n imunk decided to have our dinner tomorrow,
i really don't wanna have a dinner in some place where everybody are also having dinner too with their own partner..., seems like having a dinner in a love nest... hihihihi.... :D
so we celebrate our V-day with our nephew, brother and sister... :)
after that, we went to the cinema , and it was so crowded... :(

Rosa Le Bon, floral blazer - Only I,
red vintage bag - Nina Ricci,
zipper legging - Only I,
Belle Smith, platform boots - Only I
Gold Allie, crocodile bangle bracelets - Only I
Black Rossie, silver rose rings - Jogja Silver Shop (Dad's gift)

blue stripped shirt - Topman
skinny jeans - Topman
black boots - Underground

imunk was a lil upset about today..,

we can have our romantic dinner tomorrow darling...

Happy V-Day everyone... :)


Mira Maulia said...

amazing shoes!
happy love day to you both :)

DiamondHurts said...

thanks dear :x