ankle cowboy boots.

what i found in Bandung, a very cheap and nice ankle cowboy boots.
i bought about 4 boots and 5 vintage shoes..., awwww....

vintage korean army shirt - Gedebage, Bandung
black tees - Mango
zipper legging - Only I
tote bag - LeSportsac
accessories - Only I

tees  - Metallica
jeans - Only I

few month ago, i went to Plaza Semanggi and i found this beautiful cobra ring,
fall in love at the first sight, but when i look at it closer, some zircon were missing...
and that's the only ring..., i asked the shop keeper to give me discount,
but she can only give me 10% discount... :_(

today me n imunk went to Plaza Semanggi..
i visited this shop, one of my fav shop in Plaza Semanggi,
and i found that cobra ring, i think the ring is waiting for me to pick it up haha..
so i asked the shop keeper for discount, again...,
she called her boss and said that i'm a loyal customer hahaha... :)
finally she gave me 25% discount, wooohhhoooo....
come to mama cobra hahaha...

and i also found an interesting studded bracelets in another shop...
happy :)...

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miramaulia.com said...

you both are 'sangat seniman'!