Lear, the future artist.

featured, Baby Lear Cheng
adorable daughter of Chris & Constance
best friend of mine... :)

"mom & me heart miawww..."
dedicated for Lear, inspired by lear's gorgeous pics with dolls...
by DiamondHurts

i love you Lear Cheng,
i hope one day u'll grow up as a great person like your parent...
kisessssss.... :x

gorgeous pic!

i gave her, Mr. Bean's Brown Bear to keep her feel comfi,
i gave her the pig, to make her laugh all the time...
i gave her the rasta girl, to remind her of me her Aunt Tattoo

isn't she adorable..., cute smile and pose!
she will definitely become a model hahahahha... or an artist like her parents...

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