cork & screw.

this week full of lunch and dinner stuff hahahaha... i love it... :D

last nite i went to cork & screw with imunk's fam...
i always love cork & screw, it's a cozy bar and resto, the ambience, the foods, the people, everything is just great..., and they have great selection of wine too....
i've been at cork & screw few times, and i'd love to try different menu, so far cork & screw never disappoint me :)
so no need to stick on 1 fav menu ait... :)

wanda, gabriel and kirk :)

Location: Cork & Screw Bar & Resto

i had this great main course but i forgot the name, it's some kind of fish and potato with melted cheese and spinach, and a bowl of salad.... it's a very recommended choice, slurrppsss :P

after that i ordered banana tart for dessert and Wanda chose apple tart, both are actually the same just different for the topping of course :)
recommended dessert!!!

at the end  Kirk ordered B52 for me n imunk, it's 3 shot for me and 3 for imunk, a lil bit tipsy , but it was so much fun...., Kirk said that the b52 is to celebrate our wishes in the future hahahha... amen :)


what i wore..., nothing special...
except, i bring Only I first edition leather clutch "Hold me tight", it's an envelope type of clutch.... handmade..., 100% leather, very sweet n simple :), and Wanda already order the big one for herself, woohoooo.....
this clutch and friends, soon @ Only I...

bf blazer - Only I
vintage belt - mom's
white tees - Kate Moss for Topshop
shorts - Lime
shoes - Nine West
"Hold me tight" clutch - Only I

that's it... :)
thank's for the great pics imunk :x

Address:Wisma Kodel Ground Floor
HR. Rasuna Said St. Kav B4
Karet Village, Setiabudi District
South Jakarta City, 12920
Opening Hours:Sun - Thu: 12noon - 12midnight Fri - Sat: 12noon - 2am


dita said...

Hi there..
I'm one of ur silent reader,
Aku suka banget koleksi only I kamu..
Kapan nih dbuka online store??
Oiya, clutchnya lucuuu bgt..


DiamondHurts said...

hi dita, thank u ya kamu udah buka blog aku :)
seharusnya only i buka dari march, but i've got problems with all the tailor, uhhhh..., mereka lama sekali..., i'll let u know when everything's done, if u don;t mine please leave your email address jadi aku bisa kasi tau kamu when only i is ready... ok...
kira-kira 2 minggu lagi ya dita..., thank's for your support love...

dita said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dita said...

oiya, cindy, comment yg ada emailku ntar di delete aja yah klo kamu udah liat.. thx dear..

myrrh goldframe said...

hey gorgeous! i adore your blackish pep ankle bootie!

Anonymous said...

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