meet up my best pal, Constance.

yesterday i went to my ex-office :), G1
i met my best friend Cons, she just arrived from KL few days ago
it's been quiet long since the last time i saw her, it was before she gave birth
to her first only daughter 'Lear'...
on my old post, i used to add Cons name on some stuff she gave me,
i posted her cute daughter pics too, and tag it with "KYOOT" word :)


my precious... :)


Eleh said...

oh my you're such a doll!! and your hairstlye... seriously. you just made me want to chop off all my hair :) ponder, ponder, ponder.

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

love your bangles!
can't wait for the Only I news..

DiamondHurts said...

eleh: when i found your blog one thing that make me fall in love is your HAIR!!!! then i told my boyfriend, i wanna grow my hair hahahaha, don't chop it eleh, your hair is as pretty as you :)

danti: thanks darling, tomorrow i'll update about "only i" :)

amel said...

ini toh clothing line lo bok... hehe

AsianCajuns said...

Love the mix of bangles!

Eleh said...

i've linked you :)

Constance said...

i look so ugly on this pic! wooowoowoooooowoooowoooo can change
ah? hahahahahahahha