old skirt.

went to lunch @Bellagio today
and suddenly remember my old pinkish dyed skirt :)
the skirt was actually a very dark blue jeans mid skirt
but i cut it off and dye it with pink fabric & plastic dyer...

i was actually dying "Only i" belt buckles and i just don't wanna throw away
the pink liquid away after dying all the buckles, so i took this skirt
cut it, bleached and dye it :)
well..., not bad :)


long vest - Mphosis
white tank - Zara
DIY jeans skirt - was DKNY mid skirt
sunglasses - Mango
bag - Only i
wedges - Melissa


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Anonymous said...

kaaa ini dita,ajarin cara bikin DIY jenasnya donggg.eh ka,gmn komputernya??