ONLY I, Soon... July 1st!

i know it's always late to launch ONLY I...
sorry guys :_(
renewing things need more attention than i thought before...
but i'm so excited for this photo session, this week must be so busy...
and i also need to write the history of each ONLY I stuff,
such as...
the dress i've made was from combining two vintage shirt,
the skirt i've made was a t-shirt,
old vintage mid dress i found became a sweet mini dress with details,
and i also created new dresses made from a very limited vintage fabrics
i found different kind of fabrics, each of it only 1 to 3 meters left, and i love it!
studded stuff on classic dresses,
and many more :)
please tell your friends about this :)
"ONLY I" urban renewal vintage...
because Only You will own this beautiful stuff
and No One Else will get what u've got from "ONLY I"


love love....


Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

Yay! go cindy!
Nanti baru online ato ada store-nya?

myrrh goldframe said...

most of the ONLY I items are magnif! i read it from your posts. good luck for the launch, baby!love your creativity! knowing your blog recommend from "stain on my red shoes" just met her yesterday..and i should say, you're kinda fab lady!


fhen said...

I cant wait to see the whole only i collection.
tell me if you have launched it. thanks :)
All the best!