vacation day 1

at the airplane i couldn't sleep, so many babies cried and makes me
wanna throw up, but what can i do?!?!
imunk didn't bring his ipod :(
well, i really need to do something so my emotion
won;t getting high listening to those crying babies...
i took my blue nail polish in bag hehe :)
anyways, i love imunk's Sonic Youth t-shirt,
i choose it for him tho hihihi :D
the color so match to the sky and my nail polish :P
not too important detail but i like it :P

blazer - Only i
white tank - Mango
laptop bag - LV

we stay at a very beautiful resort, Karma Jimbaran
i really adore this place, gorgeous and so quiet...
close to the Jimbaran Beach, a very clean Beach not like Kuta Beach...


first dinner in Bali
we had such a great dinner at Meads Karma
but too bad, the waitress were not so fluent with their own menu :)
they didn't know what's the side dish of some menu and how they serve it...
i had so much fat in body now, i know :(
i eat oysters, caesar salad with grilled chicked of course :), and few glass of wine
imunk had a real deal main course, surf and turf!!
the foods were ok, but need a lil bit of food training for the waitress, they need to gain their knowledge about the foods :)


c ya :)


myrrh goldframe said...

auch!! i do want some holidays pleasee!!! ;'( don't you know .. i have reserved for three days off last long weekend.. but all the holiday plans are off ouch..no! cancelled!!

but, now i can put a little smile.. coz i know, one of my friend got a nice holiday with her beloved Bf..! great holiday, Cindy!!

ps: i love SONIC YOUTH so much.. and that's why i love your Bf's tee too!!!


<3 <3

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

your photos make me want to go to Bali again :)
is that salmon dish you had? looks really yummy!

btw, you have cool rings!

myrrh goldframe said...

lovely cindy, by the way i've tagged you.. please check to my blog http://domusmederline.blogspot.com/2009/07/burst-your-head.html


Shantee said...

i miss Bali! btw i love your rings and the fact that u painted ur nails to match the sky hahah random.

febrina utami putri said...

wawww nice pics!! your hairrr, i love it so muchhhh! i've linked you right away after i opened your blog hihihi. wanna exchange links perhaps?


I just wanna trip right now too, those choices are amazing!

Love your blog, so cool!

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

Finally you have that shop "on air"
i've already checked it and i'm like can't blink my eyes on when i'm staring at your collection.
Grrreeaaaat job, cindy..
Ouwh,FYI,aku review ya di blog aku.
skalian promosiin km.
Happy holiday,darl..

DiamondHurts said...

hi pals...

thank u so much for the comments, i had a great holiday and now so busy with my new shop Only i...

i just check my blog comments today, and i'm so happy to see 7 comments on my post hahaha :D

thanks guys, i really appreciate it :D