last week - part1.

i'm just too busy last week, sorry...

shirt - Only i
white tank top - X.s.m.l
legging - Tn. Abang
hat - Atmosphere
wedges - Melissa
bag - Only i



part 1

i was having a very lazy day and i really need to cheer up my day
so i can do the photoshop editing for "only i" collections...

i asked imunk to take pictures of me wearing all flower prints stuff...
and after that we go to swim...,
Wanda and Gabriel also join and we had this cool free style jump
at the swimming pool...
it was so hard to get a great pic of us jumping... :D
oh feeling so good that time, and i can easily sleep at night...

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Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

hahaaa..aku kira leggingnya dr only i, br mau mesen..