Only I theme song :)

hi guys, i actually wanted to post Only i theme song since first time
i launched it at Only i blog :)... (you can listen to it at Only i blog ok)
but Imunk is doing some remix now, so he need a little bit more time
to finish up, some probs with his music software and he's now sick as usual :(
can't wait can't wait....! come on imunk hurry upppp!!


i've listen half song, it's totally different, A Gentleman Geek version
for sure hahahaha...., more... hmmm... dark? :)
i've created this song for fun, i'll be so happy if any of you guys ask for me
to send a CD straight to your house, if you really like the song... :D
you can also download the song and the remix version around next week ok...
i'll post the lyrics too if you're curious about what i'm saying hahaha...
well... it's all about my lovely shop Only i,
about how much i hate those copycat :(

have a great weekend!


F i K a said...

I'm not really into music, but I'd like to hear the theme song of Oi :D..hehe

and about the copycat..take it easy dear..when you doing something great, many ppl will copied you..hehe..
what you have to do is create something that better than before, and something that no one would imagine before..hehe
what you do with all the vintage clothes is very inspiring :)..

keep up the good work Cindy ;)

J u ll s. said...

I just love your blog.I saw it on Fika's blog and i was watching the archive and it's just a greaaaat blog ! the clothes you are wearing are so cute and your haircut is great !

i'm a new follower.so keep on keeping on !

Hugs !