Kain Tenun NTT & NTB.

From the UKM Exhibition last few weeks...

Me mum and i adore kain so much, from the modern to the traditional one...
From the cheap one to the so so high worth priced...
UKM Exhibition is a very great huge exhibition that government made for all
of Indonesian artist, crafters, etc, anything about Indonesian traditional stuff.
They said the government paid their flights and they got free charge for the booth
at Jakarta Convention Centre for about a week exhibitions...
Sounds so refreshing for me and mum! All traditional stuff from all provinces in
Indonesia were there at JCC :)
Batik is been the most dominant items inside my mum closet, it's time to collect
and get to know another type of kain from Indonesia...
We fell in love with this 'kain tenun' (knitted fabrics) from NTT East Nusa Tenggara...
As you can see the brown one with characters of its empire is the most expensive one.
Fyi, they work on this knitted piece for more than a year, they still use a traditional
knitting machine, with no technology of course... They used leafs, roots, and woods
to make colors (ink), incredible!! They said they original one from NTT will never have
a bright color... As you can see the purple one is from NTB West Nusa Tenggara,
they already use a semi modern machine, and the ink is not from the natural goods
anymore, but still it's beautiful! The price is of course lower than the one from
NTT. And actually me and mum got a very great price, because the time we visited
the exhibition was the last day, so they gave us a great discount for all items we
bought! Mum bought a loads this knitted piece of art, ohhhh can't wait to wear it!
I'm going to make a long dress with the purple one...
Feeling like designing a traditional NTT / NTB princess dress :)
I love all the treasure of arts in my country, Indonesia.


Location: UKM Exhibition 2009 - JCC, Jakarta


Sabila Anata said...

oooh it's soo cute :) you're so lucky

barry acott said...

The textiles from Indonesia sure are magnificent.
I have also bought some. Look at some samples on my webpage:

Barry Acott