love and smile.




( black dress - Onlyi Basic / blazer - Hunting Fields / shoes - Est / bag - Gucci / bracelet - Mango / tights - CK )

When i need to meet up my client, i have to wear something more proper kinda way.
I mean a shirt or maybe blazer will be nice. It doesn't mean i am becoming someone
else when i meet them, it's just my way to appreciate them as my client. Well, they
aren't working in Arts or Fashion Industry, i just don't wanna attract so many
people at my client's office, it's a big building and people are wearing suits and
tie. But, still..., whatever i am wearing i will be myself with my style, i mean
people still looking at my blazer in a weird way hahahaha :)

I am not agree if we have to wear something that we don't like just to make other
people likes us, ex: when u have to meet your bf's parent's or maybe your client.
Be yourself is important, every time i face this kind of things all i have to do
is picking my fav clothes (all i have are favorite!) that matched them. For example:
when i met Imunk's family, i never expect them to likes me at the first sight,
even though i don't like type of person that always judge a book by it's cover,
but still that's everybody's rights to do whatever they wanna do, i have to appreciate
them by not judging them the same thing they did to me. As i remember i wore a nice
blue mid sleeve stripes shirt (so they still can see a little bit of my beautiful
tattoos), my fav jeans which was a very rare black acid wash jeans, and my Birkenstock
shoes with Spiderman black and white cartoon printed on it, it was about 5 years ago,
i think over all looks nice and trendy in that year hahahhahahahha.......
Imunk's fam were cool, it's just an elder sister problems, you know that ait? :)
She said i looked like a PUNK, it must be the tattoo effects, it was quiet hurts,
because the sister whom said that also got a tattoo on her back and another one on her
stomach. But i faced everything in positive way, it's her beloved lil brother i am
dating. Time goes by, and now she loves me, and i am her favorite i guess hahaha...

Well, i think that's only some the experience of mine, i still got many story about
how people judge me just from my style and my tattoos. Day by day it makes me more
confident and knew how to face it. If you dare to be different and you love what you
are, you don't have to look down or try to create your look like what most people
like. All you have to do is, know where to go and what occasion, then look into your
wardrobe, pick whatever you wanna wear, anything that makes you happy. Let your heart
become your best personal stylist. Remember, be yourself and love yourself, people
can see it from how you wear it. Don't take people judgement too serious, especially
that type of person i'm talking about, because it's just yourself and your sense to
be different in fashion, that can fulfill everybody's eyes around you with love...
Fashion is love, when there are so many people staring at you, whispering to their
friend, and their friend looking at you together with the other friends, or even a
lil kid standing in front of you and look into your haircut, well spreads the love
girls...., take it as a bonus, not everybody can get a mass attention just because
what you're wearing, you must be 'worth to talk about'. Just walk straight and give
a little smile on your cheek, don't think about anything else and don't be like an alien.

I used to get so uncomfortable with that, but this is who i am, i love being myself
and i just wanna be like whatever i wanna be forever. There's always a risk when we
decide to do something, a wise person should take the risk as some part that makes
us stronger than yesterday. But remember, don't become the think you hate, everything
depend on us, it's what we want ourselves to be, this life exist one time, let's enjoy
with love....

My notes, style is not about what's in or out, it's about you, your style can attract
people in positive or negative ways, it's how you face it, remember... anything too
much is never been good, always know what you wear and how you wear it, don't make
your style up or even down if you don't want to, just be yourself, respect people
around you, and smile... :).

Btw a little tips from me, i love wearing a matching underwear color with my
clothes. Lovely and comfortable underwear makes me more confident and luxurious.
Calvin Klein and La Senza are my only choice, from the bras, panties, lingerie, tights,
and of course my favorite boyshort, trust me a comfi underwear makes you feel more
pleasant. Again.... loving your life loving your body :)

The first picture is me and my friend Oliver at Regal Cafe after meeting with client.
We had a great irish coffee together, a little celebration of Oliver's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Oliver, thanks for the treat and great chat together!!!! Mwachh!

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Nana said...

looove the highheels
and the parking place is a perfect place for photooshooting
in my opinion^^
i mean it gives the pics...a strange touch of smth...