Dear Lucy, No more Mr. Niceguy.


Life is sometimes unsure.
People talking about how be nicer, wiser,
and those 'try walking on my or other people shoes'.
People talk about silent, talk less do more, whatsoever.

'They said it's a journey of age'

For me, just be your self, change when you think you need to change.
Talk if that makes you happy, or just don't talk if you don't want it.
Follow your heart, don't let other broke your heart.
Be yourself, enjoy life by learning and asking anything...
And don't forget to share it to others...

Whatever we do, do it with an uncontaminated heart.
To be 'great' is start from love in the heart.


t a l i s h a said...

nice thought.. what;s with the photo though? :)

angelsofthesilence said...

hei hei.. i like ur blog, nice thought n fashion taste i guess.. be my friend please..:)

Curious and Marvelous said...

love this :) visit me ok?
-ghizadhia amira putri-