( top - annasui / hat - vintage / jeans - bdg / shoes - kelom geulis / bag - ciciero / lapyop bag - hello kitty / necklace & belt - ONLYi )

sometimes people ask about my laptop bag.
why i like hello kitty. it's quiet hard to explain tho.
i love cute stuff, and for me hello kitty & barbie are cute
and reminds me of my childhood. nothing's wrong combining
things (cute) u like to your daily style, as long as u feel
like it and comfortable with it.
having so many tattoos on my body doesn't mean i have to be
rebel in style all the times. i like to be pretty and girly
so many times. i even collected so many adorable girl dolls
and teddy bear. i love seeing them around me.
well, this hello kitty laptop bag got so many interview from
many people, they thought i found it on a rubbish bin in my
apartment hahahaha, hell nooooo, when i saw this laptop bag
on the store, i just pick it up quickly and brought it to
the cashier, and one thing i remember, i was so excited when
i see it, i smiled at it and told imunk 'i want it'.
hehehehe, yahhh that's the story :p

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angelsofthesilence said...

hey i love..love ur outfit here..so cool, n so me...hahahahha*narsicm mode on*

lam kenal...

iyunk- angelsofthesilence.blogspot.com :)