Vintage Jackets.

Everytime i go to the mall or any other shops or boutiques,
it's hard for me to control my sense to buy things.
I don't know is it bad or good, i always wanted to buy things
that i might not wear it daily. For me it's a superb satisfaction
to owned something unique than something wearable.

Well, something unique mostly are expensive, but not if i go
to Flea Market :D. I always go to Gedebage Bandung if i have no more money
to satisfy my shopping appeal.
All i need to bring is just mask because there will always dusty.
I need to be so detail picking the treasure, sometimes it looks nice but too
much things to be fix.

Anyway, it depend on how people think about
vintage stuff, some people get damn allergic just to think about it,
but for me..., the more i know about vintage stuff, the more i fall in love,
and i am so expert to take care of it. Enjoy my vintage jackets yeahhh!






Diva Putri said...

hey dear :)
We have same feeling about shop anything that unique and wearable
sometimes I confuse with my shop habits as well. I just like and love shopping :p

please kindly visit & follow my blog :)

AlvianaKalin said...

Me ♥ to shop too! Who doesn't anyway? :p btw,just checked out your blog..and I love it. :)

Brenda Faircloth said...

Leather is always in fashion specially in winters. Coz we have to wear stylish stuff so we can go with stylish leather jackets.Amazing design and stylish stuff i liked it alot. i have known some of these kinda website in this valentine i gifted my boyfriend Vintage Jackets and he loved it.