life isn't a battlefield.


Working with many type of person gives so many experience.
I've been working since i was in junior high.
Every time i want something, i gotta work first.
It's not because i can't ask my parents to buy me anything,
it's always challenging for me to explore myself.

Until now, every job i want, i've been thru one by one.

I realized, what Dad taught me about being honest
to every single job i've got is true.
Being honest isn't a hard thing to do.
The hardest thing is, when my heart tells me that the person
i work with is a bad person.

I tried so many times to ignore, i just do my job,
because i believe i always give my best and i never
wanna disappoint anyone.

Life is sharing, life is for us to learn for our surrounding.
Life is not just about money, run to the 1st stage, become a boss, etc.
What will you do if you already got everything?
Nothing, but share...

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