breath in breath out.







It's been a long time since my last mumble on my blog :)
Life is been great in 2011. So many experiences i've done.
Having a small great team, laugh, sad, hectic, joy, madness,
and so many thing happens.

2011 also a tough year for me. Working on crazy deadline
sometimes put too much stress on me. But i keep on learning
this process. Process to always get what i want, a process to
create imagination to visualization. It's sometimes easy to
build ideas, what's so hard is, to decide what idea we want
to go first. And how, and is it possible, and this and that.

I keep on doing that process almost in every of my job, in
graphic designing, styling, photography, and of course ONLYi.

Every time i get so bored about everything, i re-check my mind.
Isn't these what i want?

Holiday isn't the only answer to get all my energy back on board.
I tried. But it's only work 50% and half of my mind is all about work.
Believe it or not the other 50% works because i'm so far away from
Jakarta, so the truth is, it's not really working for me having holiday
with tons on work on the table.

I sometimes just suddenly quit my work for 24 hours.
Doing nothing, but sitting outside the balcony, have a cup
of my fave coffee, smoking and close my eyes.
I directed my self not to worry and not to think about
anything, because everything will be fine...
Then, having easy conversation about stupid things
completed this treatment.

I pull my self together, i gain the energy with my thoughts.
I know i will do my best, i know my team will help me out.

Holiday only works if you want it.
It's not only your body on holiday, it's also your mind...

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M said...

you've done awesome job
nothing to worry :) :)