( top - f21 / pants - unbranded / bag - fossil / sunglasses - h&m / shoes - est / bracelet & charm - thomas sabo )

Just got back from the doctor today. Need to find a supply so the pimples won't come out. Really got a big problem with pimples few months ago. My doctor's skin face is like a baby skin. But yeah, i really need to follow the treatments she gave me if i want to have a soft skin face like her, and it's kind of hard :D.

Anyway..., if i'm not mistaken i've already explain about the bracelet from my best friend Constance. She gave me Thomas Sabo bracelet and charm, it's not my birthday yet but she's always being so nice, too nice... :'). Well, i love to wear the bracelet, not just because it's very pretty, but also because Cons said it's my lucky charm :), the black flying pig :D. When i went to Singapore last week, i went to Thomas Sabo outlet and bought this letter 'C' charm. After that, i keep on open their website. I love love love love all the charms. And started collecting the charm's picture as my wish lists. Will collect them one by one... (wishing so hard :D). Constance always buy me many things every time she looked at something that described 'me'. I seriously have no idea what she actually think about describing me through many stuff she saw hahaha. But one thing is, i always love what she gave me, always something colorful and lovable :) thanks Cons :) :*. Btw, one of my favorite gift from her is the Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley postcard she send me from KL :). Lovely Constance.


Calita Hin said...

cool top!


Aydani said...

love your troussers