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do {me} now...


Above are my work for {munchies}, a great place where you can find anything you need for 'hang out' time, with friends or just yourself :). Edward Kusmana (Ed) is a friend i met almost 7 years ago, he's the owner of {munchies}. We've been working together and he's one of my best! He's a jerk and a lovable friend in the same time, me & imunk knew him like a second skin :)

I spent some of my days at {munchies}, till i have my must have lists to order when i go there. All the portion is just so perfect for me. It's not that much but much enough :), munchies portion... The pastas, pizzas and flavor tea drinks are delightfully delicioussss :)) I love peach ice tea bubble and this tropical soda drink taste like mojito. Here you can also meet lots of colorful macaroons served with grape ice cream, the brownies and choco stick biscuit are purfecto! It's original from Toko Kue Bawean, Bandung.

I created this campaign concept based on what i know about Ed. If you still remember i use to take a photograph of him last year, here. Behind those photos, Ed still got many things that can't be captured. All i know, he's so much fun. We talked a lot about this campaign and we decided to make a title through our long brain storming. It's called...,

do {me} now

{me} is a word that will wildly describe 'munchies'. I took the 'M' and the 'E' from
'MunchiEs', and placed the signature bracket {} from original {munchies} logo.

I created 8 scene with different feel, just simply to show different kind of expression when a person having munchies at {munchies} :). Through these campaign, i hope it will make {munchies} more fun. Great foods, laugh, girls, girls and girls, that's all i know about Ed hahahaha, inspires me a lot to make these campaign :D

I've created these campaign from last year, but that time {munchies} located on the 6th floor Mazee, now already move to the 3rd floor and i love love the view from the new place. And finally i launch the campaign on my blog, Congrats Ed! Let's have a party, the do {me} now kind of party ;)

Visit {munchies} inside Mazee FX 3rd floor. You'll find a comfort cozy corner with wifi, Sudirman view, great menus, and always smile waiters :). What else do you need ;), 'do munchies now..., do {me} now...'.


Boss: Ed!:D
Photography & Editing by DiamondHurts
Art Director: Oliver Sitompul & Omar Sharif
Stylist: DiamondHurts
Stylist Assistant: Anindita Putri
Hair Stylist: Igun
Model: Deasy

Thanks to all Munchies staff :)

Location: Munchies, FX.
Wardrobe: Coloriot & DiamondHurts


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