my new family :)

Imunk, Bill and i.

Hello, long time since my last post. I've been busy prepared my wedding :)
Lots of story i want to share, but lemme get all the pictures from wedding first, then i'll
share it to you all... I've learned so many things through the preparation of my happiest day.
Many things i've never expected..., many things brought me into a new perception of life.

I have deadlines for this months, God bless my new family :).
I'll be having a little exhibition this week and of course working on ONLYi next collection.
Me and Imunk got plans, lots tons of dream plans, for us and for our future.
I can't wait to blog again :)
See you all again real soon :*


shinta hawa thandari said...

wow, you're getting married? :D congratulations!
can't wait to see all the photos.


chieliciouz said...

I've been seen some of your wedding's pic in kak Diana blog.. and that was awesome wedding i ever seen!
congratulation for you both, kakak!
wish you have a wonderful marriage ever :)