( all shoes : UP collections )

This UP wedges are from my friend Diana Rikasari. I met her first time when i attended a meeting
with the owner of Wondershoe. Since then, we're friends till today, and we usually see each other
at some event like Blogger Yard Sale. We shared a lot of things when we chat. And Diana is a really
great listener and very open minded yet amazingly creative. What i know about her, she never stop
learning and she has a positive way of thinking, and it's really hard thing to do for me hahahahha...
Btw, she's the only person whom interested with my artworks on BYS long time ago, hmmm...
Anyways :), Enjoy the picture friends...

And here is UP's Anthem called "Morning Juice".
Download here :D
Diana wrote the point of the song lyrics. So, Imunk and i work on the song and explore the lyrics.
I have 3 un-published version i kept for Diana, hehehe :D, so just keep up-date on UP's website :)
It's been a fun week working on this UP's anthem with Imunk hihi.. 

   KEEP UP   

Fyi, this is the newest pair of UP, Limited Edition TREE hi - Galaxy wihiiii...
Thanks again so muchhoo Di :*

  i wear up.  


Dana Paramita said...

i love reading this posting hehehe..yes i agree with you eventho i just know Diana from her blog but she's such a positive person i guess. keep fabulous, UP!<3

Lucca Yoga said...

I can see that Diana Rikasari such a good person and great entrepreneur, she does.

Lucca Yoga

Cynthia Adiesti Alivia said...

I do love UP collection :D
Agreed, I think Diana has such a great personality!


Nava said...

They remind of BlackMilk, so gorgeous and can't stop staring at them ohmygod! <3 Galaxy prints goes with all kinds of outfits!


Alviana Kalin said...

I downloaded the song and fell in love! love ittt


Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri said...

You're so sweet kak Cindy! :)
I love Morning Juice song, have been downloaded since it came out on the UP twitter/web! ;)
Always give me a additional spirit in the morning before I go to work.
And the artwork that you've made for kak Diana is super cool! At the first time I didn't realize it's a bunch of UP shoes! Amazing! Just love it kak~~

good night!


Eka Patriargadani said...

I love this post so much ! <3
Congrats Diana !
you're such a great entrepreneur ! :D


Ana Prasetio said...

gorgeous shoes, gorgeous song :) xo

DiamondHurts said...
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DiamondHurts said...

Thanks guys :) wait until the next song :D

nadyagita said...

Great post :) I love your friendship, so inspiring <3 Diana is such a lovely person :)