Baby Blue Page.

My life after married, taste like milk chocolate. It's sweet and fattening :D.
Re-arranging the apartment is been my first to do lists. It was so exhausting, but i feel so great after all.
Deadlines waiting and i'm just perfectly ready to start everything by tomorrow :)
I'm now preparing the photo shoot for ONLYi newest collection. It's been so late since all my time sucked by my wedding preparation. But..., this newest collection will be so much funny. I added my feeling from my wedding, the itchy happiness till the sweetest tears.

I also prepare another deadlines, which i realized that my job is different one and another. But one of my favorite job is doing this 1 job where i create the concept, photograph, design and styling, all in one package :D hahahaha. Especially when the client trust me so much. And i will have the photo shoot for this job next week before ONLYi.

I used to have a very sparkling spirit few years ago, i feel like my energy to work overtime is gone now. I even let all my paper collage stuck inside one of the boxes. Thinking about to manage the un-finished work into 'waiting list' project rack.

Anyways..., will start to post my wedding photos tomorrow :).
Let's start it with the invitation :D

I'll cu real soon!


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