Chibi Maruko Chan Agar-Agar.

I actually got so many pictures of my cooking since last year, but i have no time to merge everything down into blog posts :'), all the pictures sometimes goes to different external hard drive and mostly stuck there until i need something to be find. So starting from now, i promise myself to make a nice folder on my laptop for every single pictures i took :), hopefully hehehehe...

Me and my husband sometime just too busy working even though we both work in the apartment. We order foods for lunch and dinner. But if i have time, i will always ready to cook, and one thing that makes me love to cook is, Imunk always clean up the kitchen :) If my mood for cooking is good, i just keep on making anything hahahahahha, mostly for desserts :) so i can keep it cool on refrigerator.
Last nite i found red agar-agar at on of the kitchen drawer. But i don't feel like red yesterday :), i want pink!! I also found Imunk's jar, 4 new cute jars, he bought it for his Tarantula sling hahahhahahahha...
I just mixed the agar-agar with milk and boiled it. Banana and oreo is the only thing matched to the agar-agar :D

About the stickers Chibi Maruko Chan figure, i made a name label at Plaza Semanggi with different type of theme, one of them is Chibi Maruko Chan, one of my favorite comic character :D
Chibi Maruko Chan remind me a lot to Faye, my little pretty niece :). So when i made this baby pink agar-agar, i decided to make jar look cuter :)), i added vanilla custard at the top of the banana and oreo toppings. Voila....! Chibi Maruko Chan Agar-Agar..., smooch....

Pssttt...., Imunk's first impression was smiled, and he said, "What are you doing...?"

Gleg. O_o


Berlin Lee said...

it looks delicious to me :9



hahahaha.. that's good, keisengan yang bisa dimakan..