greatest snow on earth.

Just a short story about my hat :D. I found this hat from one of my favorite shop. The shop sells so many things. It looks like a junk shop actually hehehehe, but i always found interesting stuff in there. I keep on finding unique items inside the shop and buy them, it's cheap :), all inside the shop is Rp. 6000,- (about 75c). I found cans in vintage prints, weird toys like dinosaurs with 2 heads, and many more :). I realized that shop sell things rejected from the quality control section, but not everything :), i found so many good condition items there.

So one day i found this light pink hat attracted my eyes from the hat rack. I put it right away on the shopping basket and i quick read it "the greatest snow on earth". And today i just realized, it's "greates show on earth", it's 'greates' without 't' and it's 'snow' not 'show'. Hmmm.., i think this time i got that 'rejected' type of product :p.

( hat - unbranded / tank top - topshop / denim maxi skirt - BAM! / necklace - unbranded / bag - pasar seven / silver boots - custom made from Bali ) 

Here are some of the wish list of the month :D, girls..., always dreaming about so many things right :D

LV x Kusama sunglasses
( Acne - Pistol Short Boots / Louboutin - Rock & Gold Suede Platform Ankle Boots / Jil Sander - Osaka Two Tone Wedge Ankle Boots )