Mrs. Omar

( Custom bathrobe - present from Febby :* / Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Lychee - Bodyshop )

Today i spent my day sketching for ONLYi next collection :), it's suppose to be done by tomorrow as the deadline to the tailor is Monday. I've been gathering myself up to finish all the rough sketch and re-draw it into final pieces, uooohhhhhh.... so tired. So i decided not to cook for lunch, nothing left on the fridge anyways. So me and Imunk and also Jawa (he came by to apartment this afternoon), we had a very super late lunch down the parking lot area. After that, i took a bath, a really nice one :). Found this lip balm on the lipstick box, sealed..., i bought it before my wedding day, so i tried and it taste lychee :)
I can't believe i bought so many things before my wedding day, and i was so busy preparing everything  with my ex-assistant and Imunk only (just the 3 of us), until i forgot to enjoy all the lovely things i bought. And starting today, i'm gonna use all the sealed goodies i bought. Hahaha :D Happy Day Everyone! :) Cheers....