Hellooooo Pals :)
I'm so excited preparing my stuff for Autumn Wipe Out, together with my friends Anaz, Clara, Olin, Sabila and Sonia, we will be your dream Santa ho ho hoooo.... I have few pieces left from ONLYi old collection Talking Fiction, believe it or not everything will at very special price, all old stocks must go out from my storage, so i'm going to bring them to AUTUMN WIPE OUT at Ninotchka, and here is the map :). The venue is a bit far, but trust me it's worth to find :D. How about all items only Rp 99.000,- ?? Hehehhe..., Jiya, Sula, Enid, Dagmar, Hesper, Syeira, Orane, Elidi, Inga, Falda, Avalon, Calliodora, Lilith and Marmara, they'll be waiting for you girls :), make your shopping list now :) and you can check out the products here...

And...., it's not just ONLYi.., i'll bring BAM! along with me to AUTUMN WIPE OUT!
For your Christmas Gift or your special New Years Eve, Autumn Wipe Out is just the right place to find all your wish lists :)) Get yourself ready this Saturday! Start 12pm till drop!
And i'll update the goodies by Thursday, i'm sure you wanna have a lil look at some of my wardrobe treasure :D Can't hardly wait!!!

See you all this Saturday :)


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complicated said...

pengen. tapi aku di pdg.
bkin online juga dong kak :(
mau bgt