5pm psychologic thoughts caused by a moment.


Sometime when people get hurt for a long time, they can do a very sudden thing to anyone, to a person they hate or they love the most. The thing they do is either wonderful or awful. When wonderful times come, these people can be really creative in making others smiling, and these people will never feel tired to say 'i love you' to everything they adore. The problem of these people is happen most at awful moment. The awful moment is mostly can be really means 'awful moment', when that moment arrive without telling and unexpected, such an unpredictable moment that come in sudden. 'Warning' is the most important button for these kind of people. If not..., these people will such an awful reaction. Such as yelling, a crazy crying, usually ends with a long depressing and will automatically shutting down.


Body, mind or thoughts is for us to control.
I had a bad dream or it's really happened an hour ago?


Mostly it's hard to forget when both wonderful or awful moment happen to a person they love. But to a person they hate, erase and go is always be the favorite choice.


This is my 3rd cigarettes.
And a cup of coffee will figure everything out, for me and maybe for these type of people.


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Mary Andrikus said...

I agree with your thoughts on 5:09. That is soooo right!
(I'm not telling that it's me tho, it's just someone that I know that act like that... yeah right haha.)