Seseorang Disana.

Just got back from Penang last night... I went there to accompany my father to the hospital after a long journey he faced at Jakarta's hospitals. I left my 2 of my precious beloved heart, Imunk and Bill at home. Every time i phoned him, he asked me a lot when will i get back home? But he never said he miss me that much. So i arrived last nite and Imunk pick me up :) i miss him so much..., i directly walk fast (really fast) out from the plane, queue the immigration, and i haven't got any baggage so i walk fast to the exit door. Imunk is standing there smiling and calling my name and hugs...

When arrived to the apartment, all i want to see is my one and only Bill, Musabill. He won't let go of me for almost 45mins :_D... After "Billy Time", Imunk said he got something for me, a song :).
I thought he just want to let me hear 1 of his new song for our band, mostly just instruments. He said, it's a song he make few days ago after i left home, special for me, (too sweet) ooh...

My first expression was 'shy' and happy but sad also..., the 3rd most romantic thing he had ever done for my life :). First thing, he was making the first surprise birthday party i've ever had, second thing, proposed me :). We just get married 7months ago, but we always feel we've been married since 8 years of our relationship.

And i never stay far away without him, so my trip to Penang with my parents and sister is the longest time i've been away without him... I asked him to merge down the song even though it's still rough mixing, i hope you all enjoy :)... This is 'Seseorang Disana' by BruceHunt (ImunkKeeg), edit1.

I love you Imunk, with all my heart.

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Gricia (Cia) said...

Dan matakupun berkaca-kaca.. Huaaa.. Too sweet.. Let me know when the mixing is done! My dad also had his surgery at Penang, they did quite a good job. But he still have to check up every 4 months there.. Hoping for the best to your dad..