Before Married, Photos.

These, taken 2 weeks before our 2 months wedding preparation. Oliver our friend came to apartment to help us doing the photo shoot. Location? Where else? Our beloved apartment, the emergency stairs, it got a nice lighting and plain wall :D. As we prepared everything just by ourselves (plus Hanna :)), i only want something express, lets say i don't have more money to pay a professional photographer hahahaha... All my photographer 'friends' charged me a very high price uhhh, unbelievable 'nowadays human type'. Sooooo..., big thanks to my no.1 friend Oliver to make this happened, the only friend that never charged me anything hahahahha, i love u Pierre, kiss.

We had 2 session, 1st session is dedicated to our Akad Nikah concept, it's Javanese pallete :'), and the 2nd session is a free concept hahahaha.... Actually we had no concept, we just doing all these photo shoot naturally, what we saw at our messy apartment (it was full of wedding props) we just wore it. As i remember, everything goes well and no one is using the emergency stairs so we had a really private studio, a bit hot but it's okay for 1 hour session, we made it.

About the clothes, i bought so many kebaya surjan and kutu baru from Jogja and online shop a month before, i collected so many of them because most of them were 1 pcs only. I luoveeee all the kebaya i bought, i took Mom's main batik from her old wardrobe, sooooo manyyyy, so i just took them hehe.

The 2nd session, i painted Imunk's face using my sister's face paint (it's mine now), it's a quiet nice product from make up forever. Thanks sis. The sleeping moment, we're actually not sleeping in a bed, we pretend sleep, but actually we were standing on the wall.

Photographer: Oliver .S
Edited by DiamondHurts

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.
I'll be back with another beautiful pictures, of our preparation wedding till our wedding day.



love photos said...

Alaaaaaaaaaaa photoss....

Jelita Andini said...

i enjoy the photos :)

Gricia (Cia) said...

you'll take mine next year yah Cin.. with friendly price =D

Anonymous said...

hi cindy.. stop smoking and start having a baby.

Irene Lily.k said...

cute ! <3


Ratri Purwani said...

aaaak fotonya kreatif, lucu banget!