Laneway Festival 2013

We've been waiting to come to Laneway Festival 2013 since the day we spent at Laneway Fest 2012.
Cinema, restaurant and festival is always be on our top lists. This year my have Yeasayer is perform. I've seen Tame Impala once in Jakarta and always be their big fans. How about this new awesome band called Of Monster and Men, i'm so deeply in love and can't wait too see them in real performance. Last year line up was amazing and this year can't be missed ;) I enjoyed all line ups!

The super HOT! weather makes me dizzy, i believe i bring a great quality of sunglasses and it helped me out, like.. a lot!! Imunk was thank me so much for not forgetting his must bring items, sunblock. I took a good care of my tattoos first, so the sun won't blur the colors. Below is my DIY Yeasayer t-shirt, i'm using Syiera top from ONLYi, and iron the Yeasayer print in the middle using Barbie fonts, ohh cute! 

Reason they left Fort Canning. Too full to be true. But i like For Canning Park better than this new location...

I met Duwee my friend from Bali.
Us, We love, Of Monster and Men, mwachhh...


Awesome picture, us and the moon.

One and only Yeasayer :')


Hope u enjoy the pictures ;)
Waiting for next year line up :D

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