on the way to the Kartini Party.

Hello..., maybe some of you have already seen ONLYi latest collection. I've been preparing the tye dye myself for 5 days. And i hope you all love it :D. This collection i add my Kartini Artwork and so glad to see the enthusiasm of my loyal customer order the artworks. Thanks girls :) it keeps my passion up above more to do my paper line project. In Kartini Series, it's just a simple artwork, to fulfill your wall, your room, your working desk, your living room, or maybe a gift to your best friend? :)

These are from "Diary Ajeng", ONLYi's 2nd Kartini edition. Here i combine my design work with fashion as the media. I've been making few artwork about Kartini, and i hope i can produce more exciting ideas next year. Can't wait till the Kartini's Day. I've been planning a small celebration with myself, cooking and making painting all day. I know i celebrate something that is not for everyone should be celebrated, but stories about Kartini journey always brighten up my day. As a woman with tons of dreams, i start to enjoy myself with what i've got. My mission is to share what i can do to my small society. Blog is one of my tool to make it happen, and it's not about the quantity how much my readers are, i only want others to taste a little bit of my thoughts, and inspires them to do something more. I launched all the complete products this afternoon, and i still have to keep working on the next big collection, "Caused by Mother Earth". Finger crossed.

Me and my favorite one. This is Ajeng Maxi Dress. I gained weight about 8kilos, oh my God. But i love this dress, i still can wear it nicely without looking overweight :p, and very comfortable. The model of ONLYi "Diary Ajeng" looks gorgeous on this dress, she is so skinny. But i'm with my sexy chubby look hehehehe, so in loveee with this dress and i wore it to meet my friends today. Oh well, by the wayyy, it's been a tough week doing the diet. I eat too much and moves little.

I couldn't find my purple wig, so this wig from Talking Fiction cookbook photo session is the only wig i can see on my wardrobe rack. And that also the details of Ajeng t-shirt, cute!

Satin Silk Scarf, customized :D

All right, have a nice day tomorrow, and don't forget to visit my shop at



Meitha Siregar said...

i loveeeee the Ajeng Maxi Dress <3<3 looks so fab!

would you like to followe each other? let me know, dear :)


Naomi Hosma T said...

I really like your style. Really cool, I'm serious. Now I follow your blog. Will you follow my blog as well ... I hope you can see my blog first

thank you very much :)