Curiosity caused self distraction.

I've been thinking too much lately. Thinking about what life's means. Thinking about my surrounding, the animals like ants, mosquitos, tarantulas, worms, grass hooper, my dog, my fish, thinking about the dead plants on my balcony, and the wild grass grow uninvited. About the people i work with, my family, my closest friends. I knew, i knew..., some i love, some i dislike. All are meant to be together.

This morning, the weather..., i felt like this is the city i wanted to live, the city with soft blue sky, not too bright, not too blue, as i want the real blue just owned by the sea.

The color of the sky today, it brought me such a splendid feelings. A feeling where i know this is the life i want to live, i woke up with the man of my life, with a warm greetings from my dog, Bill. Went to the kitchen, my kitchen, a place i visit more than 10 times a day. Making coffee and strawberry milk for us, random breakfast. Seeing my love of my life busy with his proud Tarantulas, almost every morning, seeing Bill with his everyday sleepy face, and i don't want any transformation for this moment and situation... Can i keep this lovely feelings, ...forever?


Izzah Anne Abdullah said...

looks like you have a really lovely life now, however keep goin' kak :D

Hippiegonemad said...

aaaak you know how much i love you hippie mammaaaaa kacin sukak wignyaaa *dragqueenmodeON see you soon *kisskiss


spike said...
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spike said...

your pink hair was amazing,
is that a wig? i wish it was real !