Ohh June...

I captured this through my apartment balcony, weird yet beautiful..., for my June.

A year ago i decided to get married on June, my husband's birthday is also on June.
In last 5 years, we always talk about our bad luck by June. Most of our June isn't as happy as the other months. We tried to change it last year, we get married by June, hoping the next June to be nice to us.

June 2013.
I started 1st June with a little problems with my work. A client whom doesn't want to understand a process of production. June 3rd, i need to give all of my time in sudden, because my little sister needed me that time. I was shocked, i cry a lot, about my sister. When this problem just solved, my Mom phoned me, my Dad is sick and they're on the way to the hospital. Oh God..., what is wrong with June.

June 10th, 2013.
I'm so tired. I have to take care of my Dad and my work in the same time, but i can't. If my Dad is sick, i flash back my memory about our long journey last year. We went to many hospital in Jakarta since August 2012, 2 months after my wedding day. And after long never ending medication in Indonesia, Dad finally got surgery at Penang and everything went smooth. By June 10th, yesterday, 1.30 in the morning, i lost my smart phone and few money while i was asleep. I was shocked, again..., i couldn't find my phone, and it was 3 in the morning when my Dad asked my help to take his urine pot. I checked the cctv, someone got in my Dad's room at 2.30 in the morning, while me and my Dad asleep. OMG! What a Combo Cursed June!

Today. June 11th, 2013.
I just got home, and my Dad is leaving the hospital today. And i decided to write about my 1st week of June. These case make me realized, i need to let go all the problems and start over. Ikhlas.

Whatever will happen to me tomorrow..., still on June..., i know i will be happy on June 20th and June 23rd. My husband's birthday and our very 1st wedding anniversary.

So June..., try me.


dinda belle said...

Sorry for hearin all the bad luck in June :( hope you get better and sincere to face it all :)

Danny Suyandi said...

wish the rest of June will be run well :)
keep your chin up! :D