August sparks.

My August is full of love ♥

I captured photos from some of my daily activities through my android. I use this camera360 app and i love playing around with all the effects hehehe... Imunk downloaded many application i might like, so what i do is just try them all, such a lovely husband :)).

Oh well, i'm now posting from my samsung galaxy note2 with blogger app (it's not a aponsorship blogpost ok;)). I like posting through my note, i just pick the photo from my album and post! I actually still in a holiday mode and not ready to hang around with my laptop yet hehehe...

Wait for my next post using weird photo apps :D. I'm such a lazy pig lately, all i do is just exercising my fingers trying new photo apps :p, what a life ♥

Btw, the pink furry bag is a gift from my friend Abigail (she's no.1 oi girl! @onlyi_jakarta). She bought the cute bag from traditional market in Thailand last week. And also the earings :) I love it so much♥

Enjoy the photos ;)

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