Timberland Boots.

Visiting Timberland Store at Plaza Indonesia, last week. Tried 3 of my favorite pair of boots there on the store. What i always like about Timberland Boots beside its leather is the classic design. It's surely match to my daily wear. The first pair i've tried is Women's Earthkeepers Stratham Heights WP Ankle Boot. This heeled ankle boots is waterproof and using anti-slip sole. It's really comfy and fits perfectly!

Working as a designer, fashion stylist and also decorator plus mural artist, i surely need a pair of comfortable shoes for my daily activity. When i work as designer, i often walk for long just to find different type of fabrics and all the fashion details. As a stylist, i need my feet to be comfortable to stand up for long time, stand-by near the director/photographer so i don't missed any details as i need to keep everything in continuity. As a decorator and mural artist, i usually spend minimum 6 hours walking around here and there to do this and that. And that's why i need a pair of shoes that i can easily mix and match with my daily outfits.

I don't really into flat shoes, i don't feel comfortable or confident at all by wearing it. I am more into boots type (flat of heeled, ankle or mid), but most of all wedge boots is always on the top list of my must wear and must have items. I can wear boots everywhere, for my daily activities or even to a party.

With Timberland boots, especially with the signature yellow color, i don't have to prepare my daily 'head to toe' outfits a day before. I just randomly take & wear anything i want from my wardrobe, and grab Timberland for the shoes. In my personal opinion, Timberland always give me stronger look for each of my casual performance, yet sophisticated. But if you don't really into yellow color, maybe you can pick the classic dark brown which i also like :) And for some people, brown is easier color to be mix and match with any outfits.

After i tried 3 different type of boots, and that time i still couldn't decide which boots i want to bring home. On this blog post, my outfits is simply black and black. But if you want to see how i play around my madness wardrobe with my final choice of Timberland boots, wait till my next blog post. I will show you which Timberland boots is finally become the new member of my shoe racks :)

So now..., let me introduce you to my 3 favorite Timberland boots :)
Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend!

- Women Earthkeepers Stratham Heights WP Ankle Boots -
Like i wrote before, it's comfy and fits perfectly!

This is the famous Yellow Boots! Highly recommended.

- Meridian 6-Inch Wedge Boots -
So in love with this wedge boots! So much...

For more info about Timberland:
You can directly visit their website here, or just follow their Twitter and Instagram @Timberland



Ines Ariani said...

Very nice batik looks, it works with all that 'black', totally love your style kak Cindy!

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Linda Natawiria said...

love all the boots^^



I think, I would pick the last one :p

Angsa Dua said...

I love the boot

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Isabel Fernandes said...

Love all of your boots & style. Thanks for sharing
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