April 1st, 2014.

I writing this post, while i just spend my whole day doing random things and lay down on my bed. With air conditioning on since morning, my dog snoring, i am wearing nothing and all i think is what to cook for dinner. I suddenly remember, last year, and many years before, i write nothing or post nothing on my blog on my birthday. Two more day is my birthday, yes April 3rd. And today, not like the other years, i'm not as busy as i was last year, and i feel blessed. I am writing this blogpost trying to remember what i've been thru in my life before i'm 30 years old on the day after tomorrow.

I was born in a family where we actually never get close into each other. I was raised by an army father and a mother with proper disciplines. By the age of 14, we moved to Australia for almost 2 years. I have lots of experiences there, i started to party (under age club) and tried many teenagers stuff such as makeup, buying cigarettes and many more... When i came back to Indonesia, i still do go on a party with my girl friends. On my sweet 17th, my birthday was celebrate with 'Disco Party' concept. By the time i graduated high school, i entered this new world called college. I choose Art and Design Faculty, and until now i know that, that's one of greatest decision i've ever made in my life. I dated some guys :p, and 1 of them is a tattoo artist. A person where i still can continue partying with, all my time was just going to the college, study, accompany him at tattoo studio and party at night. One thing i never leave was my college, i party a lot, hang around all time, but i never play around with my education, that's where i felt glad for picking a right faculty for myself.

Til the time where we got separated, i was 20 years old, i felt so tired with all the 'fun'. For me, things weren't fun anymore... And suddenly, i met this guy, the love of my life, in coincidence :) If i didn't come with my friends, that day, that time, and if he didn't have a plan to meet my friend, well..., we will never be like we are today...

This guy, the one that change most of bad things in me, brought me into his quiet life, almost with no waves, just silent and peace... My life change, i'm no longer loving the night party life anymore... I only want to sit beside him, do nothing, and tell him stories... I realized that i'm in love with him.

Age 21, we're officially couple. He was always there with me till i graduated the college. I graduated on the 7th semester, 1 semester faster than my friends. Great marks and i was so proud of myself :) I started to work as a producer in a very famous post production company, i was so busy, i even have no time for my family or friends. I handled big brands just 2 weeks after i learn about how to be a post pro producer. Age 22, i have salary 5x higher than all people in my age should have. All because of my hard work and my big efforts to my profession. That time i met one of my client when i'm still working at the post production, he asked me to join his agency. He's interested in my artwork portfolio, he was Creative Director, so he offer me this job to be his Art Director. To be an art director is one of my dream :). So i joined the agency and he doubled my salary from the post production. I felt so blessed by the age 23, dream job with satisfied salary :).

But only after 2 months working there, guess what..., i hated there. All the circumstances, i just don't like it. So i decided not to continue working there. By that time, my boyfriend also resigned from his office, it was a production house. So we decided to build a little production house together with 2 of our friends. For the 1st year everything went as smooth as we expected. And the next year 4 of us got separated. I was 24, and i created ONLYi with huge help from my boyfriend, as always.

Time goes by, but me and my boyfriend always work together till now, we've handling few projects, from shooting, styling, designing, decorating and many more... Age 25, 26, 27, i worked hard, and i realized that whatever the project that came to us, is always about art and we love it! Around this age 25, 26, 27, our relationship was tough, this was the longest relationship we've been through... I get bored with the routines. Fyi, after our 1st year relationship, i often sleep over his house for few years, till finally we live together till we get married. We never fought about another figure in our life, we mostly argue about our principles. And one day, after we decided to leave 1 big project that took too much of our time, we went to Singapore and attending 2 big music festival in 1 time. We felt so relief and we know that we just can't stuck on 1 job for a long term. With money, we can taste some of the happiness, but not all happiness money can buy. Happiness is where i'm with him, doing all little things with him beside me. Happiness is just as simply as when we hug each other. 

Age 28, we decided to get married. For my readers, you might read my post about the journey of my wedding. So, all the money we have left, after we had fun together, we have to turn it into our dream moment, our dream wedding. He, my boyfriend, no longer boyfriend, he is my husband... After 7.5 years we're just couple, we finally can make our dream come true. The promise of our love, the love we've been kept for so long, the love some people try to bring down. 7.5 years is enough for me and him to understand each other.

Age 29, i'm pregnant :)
I just can't describe the feeling inside me and my husband.
We've been expecting this moment :) We're blessed.

In 2 days, i will be 30 years old.
I only write some highlights of my life journey... But the thing is, i'm glad i party so hard in that age, i'm glad i've tried this and that in a right time, i'm proud to work so hard with all i have, the efforts and everything inside me, and i'm also glad i've met random people that give me references of seeing and facing life in different ways. I know now..., i know every age got its own journey, and this journey of mine, is the basic elements for me to face my future son, Silver. I hope i can be the one i always want to be, the one that live in my imagination when i grow up, the one that lead me and be around me whenever i'm lost or up above the sky...

All the story in my life, the sad one to the wonderful one...
All the unbelievable experiences taught me to be me today.
Thanks GOD for giving me all the things i want, everything i want to be.
Thanks GOD for this beautiful man in my life, and thanks GOD for the baby inside...

I will be stronger, and will never stop to explore GOD's treasure inside me and around the universe...


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Gricia (Cia) said...

Beautiful story.. Akupun berpacaran selama itu dengan pacar yang tahun ini menjadi suami =')