Waiting for the Gift.

Every month, i asked Imunk to take a photo of me. I believe, baby Silver will love photography as much as his mother does. So i keep all nice memory on photos, from my love life journey, my wedding day, my pregnancy and everything... I am sure he will love to see his mother's journey through photograph some day. I have a lot of maternity photos, it's because i am so glad i really enjoy this pregnancy journey. We've been waiting for the baby since our marriage 2 years ago. This june, me and Imunk will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, not just the 2 of us but 3 of us :), amin.

Photographed by David Lele

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AdminCoronet PuertoRico said...

Ohh...God...very happy to see your happiness...couldn't help myself to cry...and smile tentu saja...
Big hugs for you and your family..