June, last month, is a special month for me.
I planned to write this post on June but as a newbie in motherhood, i spent all of my time take care of my baby boy, Silver. No baby sitter, no house keeper, just me and my husband, tired but... all worth it. This June, i had 3 special moments. First is Silver's born in June 6th, second is Silver's father birthday in June 20th, and the third is Silver's mom and dad's wedding anniversary in June 23rd :). So much love in June! I told my husband i couldn't give him any present for his birthday, and i only can prepare a homemade dinner for our anniversary day, but everything seems perfect, just wonderful..., because Silver is here with us, he's the magical gift from above...

Happy Birthday my husband, Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!
9 years with you always been so wonderful...

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