some time.

I'm not sure what's going on with me.
My desire to create 'something' is suddenly calling.
Need a serious time at my working room and free my mind...

Time, is the headline of all.

Most of my days, from the sunrise til dawn..., are for him.
I can't loose my eyes on him. He's a little monster baby :)
He's fast, strong and never wanna let his momma off his eyes.
The bonding of breastfeeding has created an advance romantic
feelings between me and him.

Silver is a romantic baby... he loves to kiss me, a lot :)
Eventhou i'm tired everyday taking care of this little darling...,
i know it's all worth it. I am a Momma, and i'm so proud of it.
Silver is my main job, and all my creative works are my second job ;)

All i need now is, warm love and beautiful smile from my husband and son.
So i can be stronger..., and tougher..., everyday.

love and lust,

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