New Family Member, Ted & Pru.

 (Left: Prudence, Right: Theodore)

Welcoming new member of the family, Ted (Theodore) adopted 2 months ago, and Pru (Prudence) adopted a week ago. The name was given by me, so they will forget their old memories and start a new chapter of life with us here. Adopted them because their ex-mother doesn't have time to take care of them anymore. They are so adorable, i've never had a big dog before in my life, but this is really a beautiful experience to have them in the family. Is it me who's lucky to have them, or is it them that is so lucky have me and my family? :) I guess we both are lucky to have each other.

I hope they will enjoy my house, my garden, live wild and free here at Silver's Wood. But still, my house my rule :), since Prudence's here, so i'm officially not the only Queen, Pru is so Princess, i don't mind share my love and my boys to her :)

Me, Silver and Ted.
Photo by my husband.

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