At Silver's World.

Tell me how to begin, to write. Many things has changed. Time is suddenly running too fast than i used to feel. "Ibu, is sun sleeping yet?" said Silver in the afternoon, because the sky is so dark at 2pm. "The sun is hiding behind the dark clouds" i said. "Cloud is blue, Ibu", he said. "Yes, but today the cloud change color into gray because the rain will come", i said. "What color is rain?" he asked me. "The rain has no colour, it's like the water you drink, it's transparent", i said. "Taspalen...", he mumble while riding his favourite car.

Since Silver be part of my world, my life is more colorful than ever. My morning never been quiet, my afternoon came faster than 2 years ago, my nights always been the time where all i need is just lay down and do nothing. Ouhh, my body my mind both never been in balance form. All things happen everyday are, random :). What kind of 'random'? Good kind, bad kind, un-expected kind, exciting kind, weird kind, every kind of randomness brought by 2 years old kid named Silver.

Tell me, how to explain or list down, how can i do my work till done. And the client loves it. Hmm..., 1 word, 'chaos'. That world pretty much explain my life with my daily activities plus work. I love being around him, be the one he needed the most, being kissed by him and his father. But i easily get upset whenever he cries without any reason and no one could help.

Each day, my both arms are stronger, i could carry him up stairs and down, get the house clean, prepare breakfast for him and his father, bath him, take care of him every second, even i still have to eat faster than any member of this family. I am strong, i know :), and that feeling sometime make me proud of myself being a 'mother'. I might not perfect, but i do my best!

By the way, Silver is started to take over my laptop listen to my iTunes because my ipad he usually use is broken down, sad. He found his favourite song are on my iTunes list. Imagine..., my quiet breakfast with bird singing in the nature sight, turn into Nine Inch Nails morning concert.

Silver brought so many un-believable behaviour. I don't think anyone know how to handle him, but me. I started to let him know about rejection and consequences. It's tough :_D. But when he reacts, i know him deeply more. Being a mother is amazing. It's like a new chapter no one could have imagine before. I have so many photos about some of my activities with Silver, but i have very little time to write about each of it and post it to my blog. Both photos above are from few months ago at Taman Safari, our short vacation :), will post the rest later. Anyways, i am going to re-design my blog, make a new concept and have a daily journal for Silver. What do you think? :)

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