I am all right.

Since i got you, big thing change in my life, my mind, my body, almost in every part. But i could't describe what it is. All i care is you, your laugh, your smile, your fear, your anger, your tears. I almost forgot what i look like. These photos, i like it a lot. Your father took it last week on our short vacation near the mountains close to the lake. Today, for the first time i sat down on my old working chair, at the working room i've prepared months ago for myself, but never got time to work here. And finally today.

Ice coffee with milk is my company at this sunny afternoon. My heart is gloomy at the moment. I don't even looked at my lunch, at all. I'm not hungry, but i think my soul does. Can my soul fulfil by a bowl of noodle? I don't think so. Not even a plate of fancy lunch like baked salmon with veggies and potato gratin.

You're upstairs, having nap.
How many time do i have left? To write. To enjoy my working desk for the first time.
Never mind. There's no cure for my gloomy heart, but seeing your smile when u are awake.
I don't know what's going on with me. Maybe it's just a little part of my life's journey i need to go through. Maybe it will make my heart stronger than before. Maybe...

I am all right..., if you're all right.



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