Afternoon after work, at home.

Back in business last week, and my body gave up. I like these photos, taken by my husband, and some of Silver's photo are by me. I love the sun that day, it was few days ago around 5pm. My body was so weak, my eyes so heavy, i haven't sleep properly in 2days, working on my deadlines. But everything went well, clients are satisfied, and that can make me enjoy my days off. Well, i rarely got sick, headache sometimes, but this time i got flu, cough and it's really bothering me. I cough till my head dizzy, it's been 4days already, i've finished 2 bottle of this medicine syrup.

Anyways, Silver is a big boy now :) He know how to smile when i took a photo of him. He's an expert heart breaker too. He can kiss me again and again, on my cheek, my forehead, my lips, my nose, my eyes, my hand, and hug me tight :). Even at these photos, i super need to sleep after i got back from work, but he asked me to walk down the woods with his bike. And i hate to say no to him, so we went to the woods and had a little weird chat together. Ted, Saroo and John came along with us too :)

I actually want to write about something that bother my feelings, i need to write it down so i can get it off my mind. But, i think i need to get back healthy and have some sleep right now. Also got more interesting photos of me on duty doing my decor work, with Silver. See you on the next post :))

Photo by husband and me, around #silverswood

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