alexa in grey

it's my project for ALEXA wardrobe!
such a great opportunity working with them and production house itself of course.
my friend RIO is the director for this video clip shoot.
first time i met ALEXA, they are a very nice people.., in my opinion based on several bands i worked, ALEXA is the greatest...
they got the attitude, the look, and of course the style. i don't have to be worried about they overall look on screen.
they bring a loads loads of stuff, from the top to the shoes...
it is easier for me to visualize my concept, 'alexa in grey'...
there are some cool brands they've got top shop and x.s.m.l, my fav too guys...

(black oversized : Body&Soul / grey coat : gift from London (forgot the brand!) / scarf : Zara / Boots : Zara / Belt : mom's vintage belt / Bracelet :  old la-dedu shop)

but, you know what?!
i was doing stupid things in front of them...
first, i thought ALEXA's logo was created by my friend, but when i asked them, i didn't recognize the name that they've mentioned..
second, i thought one of the band member is a son of one actor that just passed few weeks before the video clip shoot.., and i was wrong! they're just look alike... i humiliated myself!
OMG! ohhhh why why why....!
they faces were familiar, but every time i work, i am more concentrating myself to the stuff not the artists...
and few days after the shooting day, i just realized that it is not ALEXA's logo that my friend has created, it's FREZIA, Godddd!!!
Next time, i would prefer just shut my mouth up, i don't wanna try to be so friendly anymore, actually i am friendly, but i am kinda not really have experiences in opening conversation with strangers. HAHA!
Anyways..., i like ALEXA a lot..., they got a whole package, and their song also ok, it's hard for me to fall in love with Indonesian pop music and friends hahaha..! But ALEXA songs are not gay! Seriously, it's good.

sorry the pics quality are so baddd, i'm too busy...


check out the video!

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