my brain fully clothed

fashion is part of my body language...
i treat fashion like i treat my artwork, i can pick whatever i wanna wear... 
it is like i have to think about something easy for great pleasure every time i want to go...
think what to wear while staring in front of my wardrobe... mix and match the stuff with the occasion...
sometimes it takes only 1 minutes, sometimes it will take more than half an hour...

how i create my style is usually started with,
- where to go
  ex: to the cinema
- what is the first item pop up thru my mind! Ha!
  ex: animal printed big bag
  why: usually because i misses the creature so much or it is a brand nu creature i bought
- wondering look
  ex: trendy comfi look
- go to the wardrobe room, and talk to them...
  why: sometimes i forgot i have a great summer dress that i never wear
- accessories drawer
  ex: a silver rose ring
- makeup and hairdo
  why: it's a MUST, at least blush on eye liner, my hair is always mess, if i'm lazy... i wear my fav scarf or hat...
- shoes shoes shoes, i love shoes part!
  why: i don't know why!
- visiting my mirror
  why: my mirror always telling me the truth

it may help you..., use your imagination, never think about become someone else..., just feel free with it!
you can browse a fashion people website, boutique website, buy japan fashion magazine at kinokuniya, etc etc etc... and after all you gotta explore what u see... stay with your own idealistic... then you will becoming SOMEONE!


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